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Hi-tech accessories for moms 2.0

Custom Phone at MammacheBlog to tell about its reality to a special audience, technological and 100% female!

Which are the most useful accessories for those used to live in a digital world?
Custom Phone talks about this at MammacheBlog Primavera, the event dedicated to the Italian blogger moms, in Milan, at the Logotel Making Together, on May 19-20. 

Nice but useful too! 

Nowadays, we are not talking about simple gadgets, but real high-tech accessories, where technology is matched with design to offer easy and convenient products. 

An audience grown up with technology wants more than a nice object, especially if we are talking about the one that will be the protagonist at the #MammacheBlog event, where Custom Phone will show 5 special accessories.

Hi-tech accessories for hi-tech moms 2.0

Handbag mirror and powerbank: 2 products in 1, always in your bag

The first is always there and the second is too important, the risk is too high for those who live on the web! With Mirror you have a mirror and recharge the batteries at the same time: small footprint for the handbag, matching set with the case, led light and integrated USB port.

*All the participants at MammacheBlog will be able to try it at our #MammacheRicarica corner!

High and low temperatures are under control directly from the smartphone

Is it too hot? Is it too cold? What’s the temperature? With My Temp infrared thermometer, measuring the temperature of locations, objects, foods and liquids will be easy and fast: you only have to connect the smart sensor to the jack of your smartphone and download the free app!

Mary Poppins’ bag won’t be a mistery anymore

People can confirm how a smart colored heart is useful if it can light on the dark hole when you open your bag or your handbag. Keys, smartphones, wallets and cosmetics will be easy to find!

*Free gift for MammacheBlog moms 2.0!

Cuffie BT
To concentrate and relax wherever you are

It’s seems that listening to music is the ideal activity for those who make creative jobs: it encourages your imagination and reduces anxiety. With Custom Phone Bluetooth Headphones, you will be able to bring with you Mozart and Vivaldi in the tube too, improving your day!

AIR 51 and AIR RED
Creating the right atmosphere, at home or at work

Design and music are the winning combo of Custom Phone AIR51 and AIR RED speakers. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, you will be able to create the right atmosphere spreading music all around, directly from smartphones, tablets or pc. 

See you in Milan at MammacheBlog! Follow us and don’t miss the coming news…


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