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How to choose the right power bank for your needs?

Tips on how to always have a charged battery.

Are you terrified of your smartphone running out of battery power? Are you always looking for power points to recharge your devices? Then... a power bank is exactly what you are looking for!
What is a power bank? It is a portable charger, which allows you to recharge devices such as smartphones and tablets, wherever you are with a USB and micro USB socket.
They can be various shapes and sizes and have different functions and characteristics, which account for the differences in price. Let’s have a look at the characteristics that should be taken into consideration when buying a power bank:


The power bank’s capacity is measured in milliamp/hour (mAh), exactly like that of normal electronic device batteries.
The greater the capacity the greater the charge you can supply to your smartphone. But at the same time, the higher the capacity, the higher the charging time of the power bank itself.


There are power banks of all shapes and sizes on the market The important thing is to understand your needs. Remember that the power bank must be easily transportable either in a pocket or handbag, to be able to get around without bulky, heavy items and recharge your devices wherever you happen to be.


The LED indicators of a power bank are very important and should not be underestimated. They let you know the level of residual charge and help you manage recharging.


There are many types of power bank designs on the market in a variety of different shapes, and it is becoming an aesthetically beautiful and fashionable, as well as functional, object. If you don’t have a designer power bank you’re not with it!

Do you know how to choose a power bank now?
We have two fun and useful proposals for you:

Mini Mirror

Mini Mirror is the Custom handbag power bank with a lit mirror!
Equipped with a USB socket to charge your smartphone and tablet and a mirror so that your make-up is always perfect! It is also equipped with a LED light to touch up your lipstick even in poor light. And the LED indicator for the battery charge level? Yes! To keep everything under control!
Mini Mirror is available in various animal and comic prints. Only for true fashion victims!


PB40 is a powerful, thin, lightweight Custom power bank.
Its shape makes it easily transportable and the LED indicator means you can check the residual charge. The innovative, cool design with a torch is suitable for every occasion. Try it now. Five fashion colours available!

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