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Custom World

Custom and its new Custom Phone division

Custom exhibited at the “Mobile Meeting & Exhibition” to present challenges and opportunities for the future

On May 5th Custom exhibited at the “Mobile Meeting & Exhibition” in Milan, taking the opportunity to present its business during the event organized by Top Press.

The new Custom PHONE division was born in June 2015, and it’s dedicated to mobile and B2C market: the divisioni s born to create a dialogue with the customer and to directly connect the manufacturer to the consumer removing all the intermediate steps.

Mobile changed the habits in the world of the consumer, that’s why Custom PHONE analyzed the market finding innovative solutions”, these are the words of Gianrio Falivene, Custom PHONE director.

The mobile division chose for its products some names able to identify challenges and opportunities for the future; a “galaxy” of products that are technologically advanced and that face the market with new solutions at smart prices: Terra, Marte, Luna, Saturno, Argo and Venere.

Custom PHONE decided to answer also to the needs of “senior” target, a strongly increasing market with specific social needs: the “over 50” audience that, according to recent studies, is the “less technological”. So here are Teo, Daddy and Flip8, with talking keyboard, big keys and SOS button that calls 5 numbers in case of emergency.

The big players belonging to the field of consumer electronics often proposed technologically advanced products, that are complicated for consumers that are not so used with electronic devices having features that are more addressed to young people with different “tastes”.

The range includes also some new high tech accessories (from the levitating Bluetooth air speaker with its new and “spatial” design, the Air51, up to the “wise” gadget for women, CuoreMatto, a light for handbags), all the best that a company can offer following its original playoff: “Technology at smart prices”.

Together with the mobile offer, Custom introduced some new solutions in terms of printers, touch screen cash registers, portable and stylish, and “all in one” PC systems, for the fashion/luxury sector too.

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