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From crossword to online games on your smartphone: find out more about beach life 2.0

It’s hard to tear ourselves way from our cell phones, even when we’re on vacation!

Until a few years ago, people might have chosen to do a crossword while lounging on a sun bed, but these days, we find it pretty much impossible to put our phones down.

Whether it's to check notifications, send messages, listen to music, take pictures, play games or read the news.

By now, smartphones can be found in just about any beach bag, right next to our towels and sunscreen. 

However, the more cautious among us tend to avoid taking cell phones to the beach, worried that they could get ruined, wet or even overheat. 

But there are plenty of solutions out there to avoid accidents from occurring, such as waterproof covers, which help to protect cell phones from contact with sand, water and greasy sunscreen hands. 

And then there’s the whole battery issue: what do you do when your phone runs out of juice? 

A lot of people either turn their phone off or turn on airplane mode in order to prevent it from running out of battery, but this is exactly where Power Banks come in handy.

You’ve probably already heard of them: they’re essentially external batteries that can supply energy to any electronic device (smartphone, tablet, camera, video camera), and are rechargeable via a USB cable plugged into a wall socket or computer. 

Once you get into the habit of using one, it’s hard to do without, and they are particularly useful on the beach to prevent your phone from running out of battery just when you need it most. 

Thanks to power banks, you can say goodbye to battery panics on the beach! 

Custom Life has designed two new Power Banks, which have been added to a comprehensive range of practical external batteries!

The first is the Power Book: thin, fast and very powerful, it’s a thin as a leaflet but packs a punch. Besides being practical, It’s also very stylish! 

The second is the PB8W, which boasts very high battery capacity and is entirely wireless: very convenient for long days spent at the beach. 

Take advantage of Custom Life and make your day at the beach that bit more special. You’ll no longer have to do without your phone, even when you’re on vacation! 

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