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Company gadgets: a trend with an ever-increasing creative and technological growth

Practicality and appearance on the front line for company gadgets. Here are all of Custom Phone’s products!

The company gadgets are ideal for creating awareness and bonding with those who receive them:

  • 88% of those who received them remember who gave them the product 
  • 85% work with the company that gave them the gadget
  • 83% of people love receiving company gadgets.

The first gadget in history

The first ever gadget? A model of the Statue of Liberty! In 1886, the French company that built the Statue of Liberty, the Gaget - Gauthier & Cie, had the idea of giving away small models of the monument on the day of its inauguration (28 October). The gadget went like hot cakes with New Yorkers who started to call it like its creators, that is, Gaget, the pronunciation of which rapidly turned into “gadget”.

Gadget Trends

In recent years, there has been an evolution of preferred categories for company gadgets. If clothing, drinkware/beverages, pens/pencils and shopping bags remain a must, but without any great growth margins, technological gadgets are key players in a very positive trend that is continuously on the increase: last year the European tech market increased 45% to reach a volume 13 million devices. 

Custom Phone Gadgets

Technological and smart products, from Italian design and with a unique style, Custom Phone’s hi-tech gadgets are guaranteed to amaze! On our store, you can find original products that combine innovative practicality with a fashionable style. Which ones? Here are Custom Phone’s latest products:

ChiamaSicuro: call and charge in complete safety while you are driving? With Custom Phone's CHIAMA SICURO you can! With a single, truly smart accessory, you could charge 2 devices via USB simultaneously and call with your Bluetooth earpiece with incorporated microphone, in compliance with Road traffic regulations.

2 POWER: a perfect and exclusive combination, bluetooth wireless earpiece + power bank. An essential tool for sport, listening to music and staying charged no matter what time of the day.

ColorMusic: a portable bluetooth speaker with cloth membrane. A deep, captivating sound with built-in microphone useful for the hands-free function. Available colours: blue, grey, black, red and teal.

PB40 (coming soon): A powerful power bank in 5 fashionable colours. Slim, “cool” and suitable for any circumstance. Available colours: turquoise, pink, yellow and, black and white.

Mirror: the multifunctional gadget (mirror + power bank) twice named one of the trendiest products on the market by the national and international press. A power bank that knows how to stand apart and a uniquely designed mirror for your bag. The trendy, sophisticated device also has a strip-led so you can use it easily no matter what the circumstances. 

Mini Mirror: the younger brother of the Mirror, suitable for a clutch bag and with six super-pop patterns. Do you prefer the Comics versions, or the Animalier style? 

MyTemp: the infra-red thermometer that takes the temperature of a room, an object and liquids without direct contact and using a specific app. Suitable for every kind of smartphone.

C Fit: Sport and well-being on the front line? So, the smartband for monitoring everyday activities is the ideal wearable gadget.

BT Headphones: the wireless Bluetooth headphones in three different colours (blue, red and black), to listen endlessly to music.

AIR 51 and AIR RED: the music speakers that make the most of technology and magnetic levitation to provide unmistakeable design along with quality of sound.

What more could you want?

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