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Christmas 2016: 10 Hi-Tech ideas to make all the family happy!

Discover Custom Phone news to make your Christmas (and your family's one) special!

A few days to Christmas and no ideas for the gifts? Does it means that you are part of the 6% of Italian latecomers that are going to buy the gifts only a few days before or on Christmas Eve?

Don’t worry, this year Christmas is more e-commerce than ever, and will let you save time and money with the choice of the perfect gift. E-commerce and hi-tech are a winning combo, so here are some suggestions by Custom Phone.

MIRROR, the current goal!

At Custom Phone’s a new technological gadget arrived: dedicated to women, it’s an innovative device that has been well noticed and added among the gifts suggested by Glamour Italia and D di Repubblica. Mirror is not a simple handbag mirror, it’s a powerful powerbank with an elegant and operational design. The multiuse “fashion hi-tech” device has a strip-led to be always conveniently used, including events or parties. Available in 5 different colors (gold, silver, red, pink and purple), Mirror’s package is enhanced by a velvet case and a charming box.

C FIT, Custom Phone’s smartband

Are you looking for a trendy device? Then C FIT, the new Custom Phone wearable technology, is perfect for you. Ideal to spend your holidays following the best healthcare principles, C FIT smartband is light, reliable and water resistant (shower and swimming). It can be worn as a clip for the fitness and allows to constantly check all the activities made during the day and the night: burnt calories, minutes spent in making sports, atmospheric pressure and many other information and data that it’s able to send directly to the smartphone.

MyTemp, for the curious users and the aspiring Masterchef

How many degrees are there in your house? Is the water for the bath of the baby too hot? Is the temperature of the wine you are going to drink right? With MyTemp infrared thermometer, you will be able to know the temperature of spaces and objects directly from your smartphone, without any direct contact! It takes less than 3 seconds and the use of the dedicated free APP: the device will be able to measure the temperature of anything you want. Ideal for aspiring Masterchef that are looking for the ideal cooking point, for the new parents and for those who are always curious and are not satisfied with an extra jumper!

AIR51 & AIR RED, music and freedom

What is better than a good soundtrack to create a Christmas atmosphere?! AIR 51 and AIR RED music speaker are perfect to bring to your holidays some amazing Christmas music. At home, in the shop or in the office; with your partner, your family, your friends or your colleagues, Custom Phone speakers not only play sounds extraordinarily, but they also have an elegant and innovative design: a system made of magnets allows the levitation of the speaker, and you can wireless connect with it thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Are you ready to share your music, films and games, anywhere and without any pause?

CUFFIE BT, music with no limits

If you love listening to music on your own, but without any limits, this is the perfect item. Custom Phone Bluetooth headphones are ideal to enjoy your own music whenever and wherever! Also the champions playing for Top volley Latina use them both during their training sessions and when relaxing!

FLIP8, the gift for your grandparents

What could I give to my granny? Flip8 is the latest news among the phones in the Custom Phone range: sturdy, but elegant, with easy and not ordinary features. Discover the convenience and the security of our whole phones range: devices dedicated to those who don’t love technology, but want to easy comunicate with family and friends. Especially during holidays!

VENERE, the top range smartphone

Also this year smartphones are steady in the top ten of Christmas gifts. Custom Phone Venere is the smartphone that perfectly match beauty and high technology: a dream coming true, thanks to the attention to details. With a thickness reduced to the minimum and the three polycarbonate soft touch coloured covers, Venere is really a trendy product that will make your holidays special!  

Which is your favourite item? Look for the perfect gift on our website and order it right now! Remember that Custom Phone products are available on our channel on too!

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