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Christmas 2017: Christmas gifts for him and Christmas gifts for her

Christmas is approaching and like every year, the time has come to decide what to give our other half, our best friend, the family...So, right at the point when all the confusion starts to blur your minds, we would love to help you, in fact, we can help you! This is why Custom Phone products were created, so we can give our loved ones a technological, practical and elegant accessory as a gift.

Which product is for you? Here is a small guide to choosing what best suits your needs. Indulge yourself: there is something for all tastes!

Christmas gifts for him


ChiamaSicuro is one of the new products in the 2017 collection that allows you to call and recharge your phone while driving, in full compliance with Road Traffic Laws. The Bluetooth earpiece with magnetic hold, allows you to make high quality calls at any time, thanks to the inbuilt HQ microphone. In addition, you can simultaneously connect and recharge up to two devices with ChiamaSicuro, thanks to the USB ports.
Easy to use, practical and above all safe!


What do we normally say? Two is better than one!
This is why 2 POWER was created: a compact, coloured cover with a pair of wireless headphones on one side and an easy to use power bank on the other, to accompany you at any time of the day!
We would all love to find this under the tree 

BT Headphones

We all love listening to music while working out at the gym, running along the seafront or perhaps during a long train journey.
So here are the BT Headphones, exactly what you need! Available in three colours (blue, red and black), they are compatible with all Apple and Android™ devices with a reproduction autonomy of 15 hours!
It is impossible not to love them!

Ranger 2.0

Ranger 2.0 is really what you need if you are looking for a sturdy, reliable smartphone to use at work or in your free time in the open air or under “extreme” conditions. Certified with a standard rating IP68, Ranger 2.0 guarantees protection against dust and sand, as well as being fully waterproof, providing high performance at all times thanks to the quality of the processor.
Do you love taking a risk? Ranger 2.0 is for you! 

Christmas gifts for her


2017 also brought us these: the ColorMusic!
The coloured bluetooth speaker with its innovative design and membrane in fabric available in 5 fantastic colours: grey, turquoise green, black, blue and red. USB port and duration of the battery are only a few of the details that make ColorMusic an accessory that you can’t live without.


Amidst the latest products for 2017, you can find this: PB40!
A powerful 4000mAh power bank which will guarantee you a constantly charged battery and ensure you always feel fashionable, thanks to the 5 colours available: turquoise green, pink, yellow, black and white. But it does not end here: PB40 has a small torch incorporated and a LED indicator showing remaining battery power.
Powerful, slim, light and colourful!


For true fashion victims, for those who love practicality, but do not wish to give up on real style: let us present the Mirror! The power bank mirror, available in numerous trendy colours, so you never go unnoticed!
Purple, red, gold, pink and silver.... Which colour do you prefer?

Mini Mirror

After the incredible success of Mirror, the mirror gets even smarter with the creation of Mini Mirror: the small power bank mirror to carry with you at all times in your bag to keep your lipstick always in order and your telephone constantly charged.
Available in various animal or comic patterns, it is only for real connoisseurs!

Hi-tech functionality and friendly prices are Custom Phone range's strong points. 

With the Custom Phone gadgets, Christmas can only be original, technological and coloured! Discover them all at our official store!

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