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Finger on the pulse for the technological needs of baby boomers

Custom has created a line of functional, simple and intuitive telephones, designed to cater to the needs of the growing number of senior audiences.

According to ISTAT data for January 2018, there were less than 464,000 births in Italy in 2017, a record minimum and 2% less than the number recorded in 2016. Currently, the average age of the Italian population is over 45. 22.6% of the population is aged 65 or over, 64.1% is aged between 15 and 64, while only 13.4% of the population is under 15 years old. The decreasing birth rate of the Italian population and its consequent ageing has important and far-reaching consequences for all sectors of society. As far as the technology sector is concerned, the senior population presents new needs, which in turn create a demand for specific services and products.

A high percentage of these customers believe that the mobile phones currently on the market are not in line with their needs, since their functions are too advanced and complicated. For this reason, Custom Phone has created a line of phones for senior customers, with special features that are specifically designed to offer products that meet their various needs.

Here are the main needs of Italian baby boomers: 


Strength and reliability are intrinsic to the TEO, a simple and intuitive phone, compact and robust, with a speaking keyboard and large keys that make it very easy to use. The SOS button allows you to call up to five numbers with just one click, so that you can quickly contact your friends and family in case of an emergency.


The DADDY is a must-have for those looking for a phone that is both simple and convenient. Its shell shape allows you to always carry it with you, without running the risk of inadvertently making outgoing calls. Not to mention its large keys, speaking keyboard and SOS key, which you can use to contact up to 5 emergency numbers with just one click.


So that you can always be connected in a simple and fast way, Custom has designed the GIULY: a clamshell phone that is very easy to use and equipped with 3G connectivity. Its external screen facilitates the answering of incoming calls and notifications, while its 3G connectivity allows you to share data and photos with loved ones on social networks.
 Also comes with a camera, torch, radio and expandable memory of up to 32GB.


A multifunctional and cleverly designed telephone? News just in is that Custom's FLIP8+ telephone is designed to offer even more features without reducing its immediacy of use. With a shell shape, front display, LED notifications, large number keys, talking keyboard, SOS button, increased volume, camera, expandable memory, radio and Bluetooth - this phone is a perfect compromise between simplicity and functionality. 

To find out more about our entire range, visit our store!

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