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Why choose Bluetooth headsets?

The keyword is freedom: here are all the benefits of choosing a Bluetooth headset!

Headsets have become everyday objects which we often use to isolate ourselves from the world, to listen to music, watch videos, make telephone calls…What’s more, today any electronic device we use can be connected to a headset, both the conventional type with wires or the latest Bluetooth headsets.

The benefits of choosing a Bluetooth headset:


The first and greatest advantage is freedom of movement. Using a headset without wires means you can do sport, run and move around in complete freedom without any restrictions.


With Bluetooth headsets you can move away from the device to which you are connected, even a few metres away, without having to worry about the length of the wire.


There are various types of modern, innovative Bluetooth headsets on the market, with a case to keep them in when they are not being used. They are fashionable and stylish as well as being functional.


It is much easier and more convenient to carry a Bluetooth headset in your bag or pocket than a traditional headset with wires. Say goodbye to wires that get in a tangle, tied in knots and catch on to things. With these new headsets ease of use is guaranteed!

CUSTOM designs and manufactures smart technology accessories, created and designed for Millennials who always want to be connected and free to listen to music. It is official: young people follow the world of hi-tech gadgets and are always on the lookout for the latest innovations. This is why Custom has come up with smart products at very competitive prices.
Like the 2 POWER, the Bluetooth headset with a high performance integrated microphone and a power bank case with a built-in USB socket, to charge other electronic devices as well. The perfect combination, and unrivalled value for money. See our store for more information!

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