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Bluetooth Speakers: how to choose the most suitable one for you

Our advice on what to choose if you are looking for quality and design, or if you prefer a trendy, inexpensive Bluetooth speaker. 

Imagine a long trip with friends, accompanied by music in the background all day long, making everything more magical and exciting: here, Bluetooth speakers are the best solutions for not having to give up a great deal of music that you can share with your nearest and dearest, wherever you are. If you don’t already have one, you should read this article!

Bluetooth speakers have become popular items for music lovers and others, as they are convenient, practical and increasingly affordable.
A Bluetooth speaker allows you to access all the audio content on your smartphone without having to use a physical cable to connect it to a traditional hi-fi system. There are so many different shapes and sizes, that are easy to carry around, so that you can have the music from your smartphone with you while you travel, on the ski slopes, on the beach or anywhere else. These instruments allow you to control your musical content that you can also listen to remotely (but of course within the range of the speaker) and can offer a sound and quality that are worthy of any stereo system. 

There are never-ending Bluetooth Speaker solutions available on the market which differ in their various characteristics, including size, weight, autonomy, sound quality, power and range of action. So when you want to buy a Bluetooth speaker, you need to understand what your main needs are, together with the budget you have
Today we want to help you with these two macro categories of Bluetooth speakers, and we may help you to have a clearer idea of things. 

If you are looking for quality and design 

There are several Bluetooth speaker models on the market that, in addition to being practical and convenient, have become real pieces of furniture to have in modern houses, thanks to the sophisticated, cutting-edge designs that so many brands can boast.
Sculptures, designed with well-defined aesthetic properties, state-of-the-art, but also practical and with high level technical characteristics that affect the sound quality, the battery life and the speaker power: there is a very high-end range and we have two products to show you.


AIR RED is the original Bluetooth music speaker by Custom, with its magnetically levitated rotating sphere that provides high-quality, 360° sound. The cutting-edge design and use of advanced technology make this item a real jewel in its sector. 
But that is not all: the speaker can also be separated from the magnetic base and used as a portable speaker, for sharing your telephone calls, music and other multimedia content anywhere.  This is truly only for real connoisseurs and for those who cannot resist the “original” touch!


The AIR51 Bluetooth speaker exploits magnetic levitation technology too, but does so while offering refined, elegant lines, which have recently allowed it to win second place in the 11th edition of the 2017 Big Buyer "Top Design Award". Thanks to AIR51's Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can wireless connect and share music, films, games and hands-free phone calls wherever you are and without being interrupted. The powerful magnet inside the speaker itself also allows you to separate it from the base and attach it to the fridge, for example, or to your bike.  Your music no longer has any limit!

If you are looking for trendy but inexpensive 

There is this type too: portable, coloured, attractive and convenient speakers that can go with you anywhere, while travelling or on a day out with your friends. 
Designed with good technical qualities, but above all created to be trendy mini gadgets to keep in your bag and use whenever you need to, there are infinite models available on the market and Custom has a very special version. 


ColorMusic is the brand new Bluetooth speaker by Custom, with its innovative design in fabric membrane, available in five trendy colours: blue, grey, black, red and turquoise.
ColorMusic is a truly original product, ideal as a gift or to use to listen to music all through the day, thanks to its deep, enveloping sound, worthy of any traditional hi-fi stereo. Fun, useful, easy to carry around and... You can put it in your bag!

Have we made you want to listen to more music? 

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