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Custom World

Sport and passion are the common thread of Custom sponsorships during these 25 years of business

Sponsoring something or someone (from the Latin verb spondere = "to solemnly promise") means supporting a team, an event, or an organization.

Sacrifice, tenacity, teamwork for a common objective, concentrating to reach a goal and facing the responsibility of taking a risk, staking something more than pride. Sports have many meanings, from the game that unites to the challenge against yourself and your own limits; many faces that have always been part of Custom’s philosophy and that are at the base of the vision of the 6 corporate business units.

Custom choice since many years this communication tool, as a strategy able to amplify and strengthen the visibility and the business opportunities of the Group. Communicating through sport sponsorships as a media able to move people creating a customized and bi-directional dialogue. Not only brand awareness, but integrated communication and Custom Experience.

Since from the first years of activity, the company has being choosing sponsorships to raise awareness the audience introducing itself through the unique feelings of the sport: difficulties, goals, sacrifices, teamwork, fair play, etc. Custom wants to tell about itself and improve the opportunities generated by a natural dialogue with the target.

Nowadays, sponsorships offer even more the chance to create a “resonating chamber” to improve the power and the efficiency of the relationship between Company and audience. In example, strengthening the scope of the message through the social networks will let you expand audience/contacts. Only exploiting in the best way the nature of the activities of sponsoring, you will be able to “trespass” and extend the scope of the message out of the framework of the single discipline, creating a viral word of mouth directly through the network of the social networks, shared and mostly “aspirational”.

  • PRIMARY AUDIENCE – sport/event target 
  • SECONDARY AUDIENCE  - fan/sportsman 
  • DERIVATIVE AUDIENCE – friends, word of mouth

This image gallery talks about all the sponsorships that – since 2003 – joined the world of sports and Custom, contributing to the visibility of Custom brand in the world. 

Each time was a different adventure, a real #CustomExperience, that we are now living with LCR Honda Team racing in MotoGP™, Clinica Mobile and Top Volley Latina!

2017 MotoGP™ with LCR Honda Team

2017 Clinica Mobile

2017 SuperLega UnipolSai Championship 2017/2018 season with Top Volley Latina

2016 MotoGP™ with LCR Honda Team

2016 SuperLega UnipolSai Championship 2016/2017 season with Top Volley Latina

2012 Football, Italian premier league: Parma-Milan; Roma-Udinese; Udinese-Juventus

2008 Mountain Bike World Cup

2007 New York and Namibia Marathon

2006 Endurance Touring Cars Serie

2005 Beach Volley Championship, Fantini Club in Cervia

2003 Endurance World Cup, in Imola and Vallelunga

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