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Easy technology at any age with Custom Phone products

Find out the benefits of our phones dedicated to senior users.

9 aged people out of 10 have a mobile phone, considered an essential tool to keep in touch with the family whenever and in any situation. But – among these users – a high percentage thinks that the models on the market have too much complex features, not compatible with their real needs.

How could you choose the perfect phone?

There are two possible choices: you can choose a simplified model, designed for senior users, or a device with more features, but sturdy and resistant, possibly without touch screen.

Here is a list of some features and benefits offered by Custom Phone phones dedicated to Senior customers.

A real keyboard

No touch screen, please. Many people have problems with touch screen keyboards, that’s why they prefer a physical keyboard able, if possible, to emit sounds when the user press the key.
The talking keyboard of Custom Phone Teo mobile phone allows to easily manage the phone book and comunicate through vocal messages.

Big and clear buttons

There is only the memory of a clear view, so – in order to help in dialing numbers and entering messages – senior users will need easily recognizable, big and clear buttons.
With Custom Phone models, the ease o fuse of the big buttons always combine with a big display, to check inbound and outbound calls and messages.

Loud volume

The loud volume is an essential feature, especially the possibility to have it not only with the calls to better understand the interlocutor, but also with the ringtone of the phone itself, as for Custom Phone Giuly mobile phone.

Sturdy, but light

Sturdiness is important, but not without a light and portable device. Which are the users favourite models? The compact ones, as Teo, or clamshell phones, useful to avoid accidental calls. Among Custom phone clamshell phones, the choice is wide: Giuly (available in white, black and red); Daddy (available in white, dark grey and red) and Flip8.

And always ready!

A long lasting battery is the dream for all, senior and young. Thanks to the less intensive use related to data connection, mobile phones ensure high performances and an “old style” reliability!
All the phones belonging to Custom Phone range have a package that includes the cradle charger, for an easy and quick recharge.

Secure phones

A typical characteristic for Custom Phone senior phone range is the possibilità of saving 5 emergency numbers, directly dialable through SOS botton on the rear side of the phone. A unique feature, that allows to have the people you care the most at the click of a button.
Moreover, Teo and Daddy have the exclusive Aliguli APP, available on Play Store and Apple Store. It’s an application useful to remotely check the positioning of the user of the senior phone, controlling the past moves too.


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