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2017 Hi-tech trends: wearable accessories will conquer the world!

When was wearable technology born and where will it take us?

It's called Internet of Things and it's the concept - introduced at the end of the twentieth century - that shook up the world of technology.
In only twenty years the idea of connecting things and spaces the ones to the others and to the network became true, with the evolution of smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

And it's on these products that the world of electronics is concentrating its energies: Business Insider's analysts are sure, since that they forecasted, from now until 2019, an increase of this sector for 35% annual average, reaching 148 millions of sold items (today, they are 33 millions).

But the origins of wearable technologies is not so recent as it seems.

The first "wearable" devices

The first device identifiable as wearable goes back to the sixties. It was designed by one of the biggest mathematicians ever, Claude Shannon, and by Edward Thorp, a MIT maths professor fascinated by the possibility of using suitable mathematical algorithm to compete and win at gambling.  
The result of their studies was a micro-computer big as a pack of cigarettes, linked to an acoustic device through a thin cable. And it worked, since that , in 1985, the State of Nevada declared that it was illegal.

In the seventies, another kind of wearable devices: automatic or electronic watches. Such as Casio Databank DC-40, the first watch able to archive some phone numbers and working as a calculator too.

Also the field of music was involved. The sudden miniaturization and digitalization process lead to one of the most representative objects of those years: the walkman, portable tape player that transformed the way of listening and producing music.

The present and the future of wearable devices

The wearable devices that we are now wearing - from smartwatches to fitness trackers (such as Custom Phone C Fit) - are the extreme evolution of those first wearable products.

The hardware dimensions and the battery durability make the difference, but the most important issue is the connection network at the basis of the new devices: the links between user and device, and those that involve users and devices.

This increasing amount of created and exchanged data will define the success of these technologies and will create the network of the future. And this growth will be the real revolution of the Internet of Things.


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