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Humility, passion and Fair Play at the first place at Mugello

Dovizioso, Pasini and Migno, three Fair Play Italian champions at the first place in MotoGP, Moto2 e Moto3 at the Gran Premio d’Italia. CUSTOM tells about “Big ventures” and talks about #RidersFairPlay...stay tuned!

Three Fair Play Italian champions

MotoGP - Dovizioso wons for the first time this year at the circuito del Mugello, taking Ducati at the first place into this Italian race. A desired result, reached with sacrifice and hard work, always looking for self improvement.

Moto2 - Mattia Pasini, the 31-year-old rider who dedicated the victory to Marco Simoncelli and who never gives up fighting, also after the accident with his motocross bike that changed his life at the age of 13. Today, Mattia rides and wins, he’s never given up and for this he’s a point of reference for all.  

Moto3 - Finally, “Mig” Andrea Migno, who won at Mugello in Moto3.
An historical triumph for this young rider, class 1996, who showed his value in the SKY Racing Team VR46.


Dovizioso, Pasini and Migno are more than 3 good riders, with their anti-star racing style, personify all the ideals of the real sport, where passion and technique match together with the most human feelings.
Custom strongly believes in this message, that goes over the sport contaminating the values of the company:

"The 25th Custom anniversary represents an important start point and not a finishing line” - as Carlo Stradi, CUSTOM S.p.A. President said.
The teamwork is basic both for CUSTOM and LCR HONDA team; it's an essential aspect to create human and technological value among the BIG players, that are more famous and blazoned. That's why we share unique emotions, values, goals and obstacles to tell about an Italian company wishing to sensitize the audience and all young people about upright values as sacrifice, fair play and the will to do the right things in the right way. Humility, passion and common sense... this is the only way to win.”

Lucio Cecchinello, CEO of LCR Honda Team, sponsored by CUSTOM (Major sponsor): 

“These guys have been rewarded for their tenacity and hard work. Sometimes, talent is not enough to win and you need a big work on yourself. Andrea Dovizioso, Mattia Pasini and the young Andrea Migno conquered thousands of fans: they probably came to the Mugello to see the “usual riders” on the podium, but they felt excited while seeing what these extraordinary guys did.  

The victory of these riders is the symbol of a Country that does not give up even with challenges that may seem impossible. My esteem goes to Dovizioso and to Ducati team, my respect and my admiration go to Mattia who started with us in 2004 with the MotoGP (awarded as Rookie of the Year in the 125cc class) for fighting and winning with only one arm. I wish Migno that this will be only the first among many successes.”

Dr. Michele Zasa, Chief Medical Officer of Clinica Mobile, sponsored by CUSTOM:

“Apart from giving medical and physiotherapeutic assistance, Clinica Mobile is a place where riders often come to find a calm atmosphere forgetting all competitive aspects. #FairPlay is inside the nature of Clinica Mobile, who cares about the security and the wellness of the riders, and where the relaxed atmosphere on a neutral field offer the perfect conditions to make the communication between riders easier.”


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