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Are you looking for an original Halloween? Take a look at these 5 hi-tech ideas to stand out this Halloween!

In a world where all costumes look the same, it’s great to dress up differently!

Take a look at these 5 ideas for some scarily unusual costumes!

Whether you’re a tech fan or not, get ready to amaze your friends with these smart Halloween fancy dress ideas! 
Even in Italy, October 31 has now become “Trick or Treat?” day, with pumpkin carving and scary parties. 
We are surrounded by zombies, skeletons and witches, and every year there are fewer and fewer ideas around for fantastic Halloween costumes.

So how do you avoid going to a party dressed the same as everyone else?

It’s Halloween in techno world too, with ideas, tips and accessories that can make it an even more original event.
Take a look at these Internet- and social media-based ideas for some inspiration:


perfectly scary. ‘Fake news’ on the web often creates fake panic! Write or print your favorites on a T-shirt and - why not? – you could even make them up about your friends!


he terror you feel when you don’t look at your smartphone for a few hours only to then find yourself up to your ears in notifications. If you just get a little creative, you can surprise everyone! It’s a great idea for a group costume – everyone can dress up as a notification from a different app (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram..)


if you have a drone, then this is the idea for you! Tie a white sheet to your drone using some transparent thread and in just a few simple steps you’ll have a great floating ghost! Horror effect guaranteed!


Snapchat and Instagram Stories add special filters for 31 October, so you can create special themed videos and photos! Use these for inspiration and copy the ones you like best!


the small green robot from the operating system for mobile devices created by Google Inc. is perfect for an unusual costume. You definitely won’t go unnoticed!


Get your creativity going and make yourself an original costume in line with current trends! And to stay on the subject, don’t forget to send your scary gifs and memes to your contact list. 

Custom Life wants to stand out from the crowd too, by creating innovative, quality hi-tech accessories. See the range of products and make your Halloween even smarter!

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